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2 Developer: Coldzen Price: Free Compatibility: PS3, PS4, Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One What are you waiting for? Go download Inside and make sure to check out all of our other releases this week: Happy gaming, good luck! *iPhone, iPad, Android, Ouya, Amazon Fire, and all other mobile devices not supported are excluded from this list due to the limitations of using HTML5.Q: How can I implement the 'from' keyword with stream in Kotlin I am working on a chat application for android and I am trying to implement the "from" functionality with the '.' (dot) and stream. I have a list of messages in my app and when I click on the send button of a particular message I want to get the message and its sender from the list and then I want to print it in the console. Currently my code is this var timestamp:Long = System.currentTimeMillis() val data:String = val messageReceived = -""")) val messageTo = messageReceived.substring(0, messageReceived.indexOf(" ")) val sender = messageTo.substring(messageTo.lastIndexOf("")) println("**From:** $sender") I am trying to implement the from feature so that I can print the message and sender. How do I achieve this? Note: The list of messages is coming from a server in json format and I am getting the messages in the JSON format A: You could try doing something like this. val content = val messageReceived = content.substring(content.length -""")) [Angiographic analysis of revascularization of the myocardium and peripheral vessels using the W-shunt]. Fifty patients with coronary




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